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Help Online ("Site") in Hindi is an online information service provided by Online Help in Hindi ("Hindi Help Online"), subject to compliance with the terms and conditions given below. Please read this document easily or use the site. Before accessing or using the site, you should understand it before it is set up according to the terms and conditions. If you do not wish to agree to this Terms and Conditions, you will not use uniformity or use the Site. Help implement this agreement online in Hindi at any time, and the effective use of the revised agreement on the site will have to be effectively implemented. You may agree to accept the effect of this Agreement and may exercise the rights granted to you or the mode of contact or use granted by you.

1.Copyright, license and submission.

The entire contents of the site are protected by international copyright and trademark laws. The copyright and trademark are owned by Hindi Online, its affiliates or other third party licensors. You may not make any corrections to any person, any person, content, tickets, graphics, code and / or software on the Site. You may print and download parts of the content from various areas of the site for your own non-commercial use provided that you do not agree to change or remove any copyright or ownership notice from the content. You can provide a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, permanent license in Hindi with the right to sub-license, create derivative works, distribute, communicate, work in public. And agree to help publicly display your contentAnd any public areas of the site (such as bulletin boards, forums and newsgroups) or in any way and in any way other information (including, Binsima, for new or improved products and services contained therein). I can submit online help for Hindi. Known or developed after that. You also grant the right to help online in Hindi, so that you have the right to use your name in relation to thero related to all advertising, marketing and promotional material along with content and other information. You agree that you will not have any opposition to online help in Hindi for any alleged or actual violation in your communication or misuse of any proprietary right for online help in Hindi.


Publications, products, materials, or services mentioned here or on the site are the exclusive trademarks or servicemarks of online assistance in Hindi. Other products and company names mentioned in the site may be trademarks of their respective owners.

2. Site access.

You understand that, except information, products or services, which are clearly identified as being supplied with online help in Hindi, online help does not affect any information, products or services on the Internet in any way in India. Operates, does not control or support. Apart from online help in Hindi- all information, products or services, products and services identified through the site or on the Internet are generally offered by third parties, who are not affiliated with online help in Hindi. You also understand that Hindi Online cannot help or guarantee that the files available for download through the site will be free from infections or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that reveal corrupted or destructive properties. . You are responsible for maintaining an external means on site to implement adequate procedures and checkpoints and to reconstruct any lost data to meet your special requirements for the accuracy of data input and output.
y Total eligibility and risk for use of the ASSUME site and the Internet. The online help site and related information is in the form of "provides" in Hindi and does not explain any warranty or documents or details dealing with WHATEMEVER (warranty requirement for tintle or non-banking) operations. Without) special notice) with registration for service, any noticeProvides service, which provides service in international generality, or helps online, in Hindi online which is not available directly or only directly or from India for any cost or damage assessment. iT resolves its responsibility to complete the process of exchange, completeness and use of all rights, subsidiaries, services, services and other information and to conduct the service as a whole. Help online in Hindi that there will be no shortage in the service until the service is repaired or becomes faulty or independent.
You can make pure natural use of interactive rules of people who are something that are very exciting or outrageous for you. You will help focus on your risks. Online help in Hindi, there is no control for anyone and no achievement.
Limitation of Liability: No event will be done online, for which (I) Hindi online will help in any incidental, professional or direct documents (including, but not limited, based on profit, professional interview, promotion possibility or information). Any information, or information provided on the service, or downloaded from the service, or any type of information or service, outside of the use or inability to use the service. .If EVN helps online in Hindi or the authorized documents have been acquired for the same, then you will need to provide certificates, details or other documents. But for some states that do not reduce the exclusion or limitation of liability for general or incidental damages, no liability applies to you. In SUCH states, online help in Hindi is limited to the largest fraction of LIABILITY LW.
online help in hindi does not represent any other web site which you can access through this one or which can link to this site. When you use online non-help on a Hindi web site, please understand that it is independent of online help in Hindi, and online help in Hindi has no control over the content on that web site. Further, the link to the online Help Hindi web site does not mean that Online Help in Hindi accepts or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of such web site.

3. Compensation.

You agree to condemn, protect and protect your officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers from the service in Hindi. 'Fees, as a result of any breach of this Agreement (including negligence or malpractice by you) or by any other person using the Service.

4. Third Party Rights.

The provisions of Articles 2 (Use of Services), and 3 (Indemnity) are for the benefit of online help in Hindi and its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers. Each of these individuals or entities will have the right to enforce and enforce those provisions directly against you.

5.Term; End.

This agreement can be terminated at any time by the party without any reason. The provisions of paragraphs 1 (copyright, license and consideration submissions), 2 (use of the service), 3 (indemnity), 4 (third party rights) and 6 (miscellaneous) will survive any termination of this agreement.


The agreement will be done in accordance with all governed and enforced agreements in India and performed in India. .You agree that any legal action or proceeding between you online and in Hindi for any purpose related to this agreement or the obligations of the parties will be brought exclusively in the Federal or State Court of competent jurisdiction sitting in India. . The cause or claim of action taken by you in relation to the service or action must be commenced within (1) year or the claim or cause of action is prohibited. Failure of Hindi to strictly enforce or enforce any provision of this agreement will not take online help as a waiver of any provision or right. Neither the manner of conduct nor the business practice between the parties to modify any provision of this agreement. Online help in Hindi can specify its rights and duties under this contract at any time without any notice.
Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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